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City Packages

4 Days Essence of Beijing Tour$0

Beijing boasting a history of over a thousand years is rich in cultural heritage and relics. This itinerary will take you to the most popular sites around the city. You will see the magnificent Great Wall; sacred Tiananmmen Square; majestic Forbidden City as well as the verdant gardens of the Summer Palace.

5 Days Beijing Memorable Tour with Hutong Experience$0

Beijing, one of the six Chinese ancient capital cities still has exquisite architecture, a rich history, and a diverse and colorful culture. Take a special rickshaw ride through an old Hutong neighborhood to experience the different life styles of venerable local residents. A visit to the Lama Temple will expose you to the local people's religious beliefs.

3 Days Xian Classic Tour$0

Xian, which was China’s capital through thirteen dynasties, enjoys being known as the Natural History Museum. You will visit all the major attractions from the Terra Cotta Warriors to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, experience the local family visit with homely cooked a la carte lunch and apprecaite the splendid Tang Dynasty Music and Dance performance.

2 Days Xian Tour$0

This short but substantive trip provides a panorama of ancient capital. It is home to the amazing Terra Cotta Warriors whose discovery in the 1970’s astounded the world. You will walk on the City Wall witness to much of the country's history. You will also receive another history lesson when you visit the Provincial History Museum.

4 Days Xian Tour$0

Xian is rich in the tourist resources and is reputed as the famous historical city in the world. In this brief one day route, you will be led to wonder at the essence of this ancient city - Terracotta Warriors, figure out the legendary of ancient Silk Road in the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and collect the panorama view of the city in the imposing City Wall.

4 Days Xian Tour with Mountain Hua$0

If you are an enthusiast of development history of Chinese civilization, this discount group package should not be missed. It will tell you the story of changing times.

4 Days Xian - Luoyang Tour$0

With the newly built express train coming into use, taking a round trip between Xian and Luoyang in a day gets easier. This brief itinerary allows you to enjoy the splendid cultural treasure in Longmen Caves and the essence Kung Fu Show in Shaolin Temple in a tight schedule.

3 Days Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin Tour$0

Guilin can be regarded as ‘Paradise on Earth’ in view of its stunning natural beauty. This short but comprehensive trip will introduce you to this city including the Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park and the city’s symbol - Elephant Trunk Hill. The highlight is a cruise along the beautiful Li River to Yangshuo.

4 Days of Guilin - Longshen - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin$0

Feast your eyes on marvelous natural scenery while experiencing the unsophisticated customs of ethnic minorities of China. Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave are the essences of Guilin; in Yangshuo the biggest global village West Street welcomes visitors all over the world; in Longsheng meeting with hospitable Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Tribes and going a hike to Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are also impressive.

6 Days Guilin - Longshen - Sanjiang - Yangshuo $0

Guangxi Province is endowed with unparalleled natural beauty as well as a wealth of minority folk culture and customs. The enticing Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng have seasonal variations in appearance. You will meet the fascinating Dong and Yao minorities in their villages in Sanjiang.

9 Days Guilin - Yangshuo - Longsheng - Sanjiang - Guiyang$0

The Sister’s Meal Festival is held every March 15 on the Chinese lunar calendar. This is a major event for Miao people in the Shidong area. This festival provides an occasion for young men and women to socialize and maybe even find a marriage partner. It is a memorable pageant featuring exotic costumes and the telling of legendary stories through song and dance.

4 Days Mysterious Lhasa Package$0

The Potala Palace has served as the symbol of Buddhism for centuries. The everlasting burning ghee lights, pure white godly hadas, resplendent golden funerary stupas of the departed Dalai Lamas, red robed Lamas chanting scriptures in the palace are like a dream. You can feel, but not integrate.

7 Days Buddhist Tour of Lhasa - Gyangtse - Shigatse - Lhasa$0

Isolated among the highest lands on earth, Tibet is one of the most mystical and spiritually holy places in the world. This trip helps you learn Buddhism, which is worshiped by the most faithful people in the world today.

72 Hours Visa Free Shanghai Highlights Tour$0

Shanghai - the most dynamic city in China of much vitality, is a big and exhilarating metropolis that new developments spring up weekly. Shanghai is much more like Hong Kong where China first met the West.

4 Days Shanghai Highlights Tour$0

Shanghai is world famous as the largest metropolis in China as well as one of the world’s most international cities. This itinerary features the unique ancient landscape architecture of Yuyuan Garden, the Museum with its massive and varied collections and the Bund area along the Huangpu River.

3 Days Hangzhou Tour$0

Three days will be spent here and enough time to savor the essence of Hangzhou. Boating around the West Lake, strolling through the old streets and listening to myths and legends, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the city and treasure your memories forever.

3 Days Suzhou Tour$0

Suzhou becomes visitors' new lover for holiday featuring by its elegant gardens, nearby water towns and the brilliant embroideries.

4 Days Lijiang Tour$0

Three days are sufficient for an in-depth exploration of the old town and should include attending a Naxi musical performance and observance of the Naxi life style highlighted by their hard working women. If you have extra time, take a trip to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

3 Days Hong Kong Tour$0

Hong Kong Island is a dynamic international metropolis steeped in unique blends of East and West. This is a prosperous city with breath-taking scenery. By climbing to the highest point on the island, Victoria Peak, you can get a panoramic view of the entire region.

4 Days Hong Kong & Macau Tour$0

In Hong Kong, you will appreciate the gorgeous view of the city on the Victoria Peak, experience close contact with the lovely animals in the Ocean Park and enjoy the excitement of shopping in the ‘paradise’. Together with the gourmet food from all over the world, it is definitely an ideal place for a leisurely holiday.