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3 Days Xian Classic Tour$0

Xian, which was China’s capital through thirteen dynasties, enjoys being known as the Natural History Museum. You will visit all the major attractions from the Terra Cotta Warriors to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, experience the local family visit with homely cooked a la carte lunch and apprecaite the splendid Tang Dynasty Music and Dance performance.

2 Days Xian Tour$0

This short but substantive trip provides a panorama of ancient capital. It is home to the amazing Terra Cotta Warriors whose discovery in the 1970’s astounded the world. You will walk on the City Wall witness to much of the country's history. You will also receive another history lesson when you visit the Provincial History Museum.

4 Days Xian Tour$0

Xian is rich in the tourist resources and is reputed as the famous historical city in the world. In this brief one day route, you will be led to wonder at the essence of this ancient city - Terracotta Warriors, figure out the legendary of ancient Silk Road in the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and collect the panorama view of the city in the imposing City Wall.

4 Days Xian Tour with Mountain Hua$0

If you are an enthusiast of development history of Chinese civilization, this discount group package should not be missed. It will tell you the story of changing times.

4 Days Xian - Luoyang Tour$0

With the newly built express train coming into use, taking a round trip between Xian and Luoyang in a day gets easier. This brief itinerary allows you to enjoy the splendid cultural treasure in Longmen Caves and the essence Kung Fu Show in Shaolin Temple in a tight schedule.